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USB Wireless adapter for Linux

Need to connect to your wireless network?  Have an older notebook that doesnt have a wireless adapter or has your network adapter in your notebook died.  Replacing the built in adapter in your notebook can be expensive or in the rare case you have one that is not compatible with Linux  we are now introducing adapters that will allow you to connect to wireless networks.  These work natively so no need to hunt down drivers and they are plug and play.  These do not work on Android devices


All orders to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are free.  Outside of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico there are additional Customs charges, and the cost of shipment is high.  Please contact us before you place your order from outside the United States.

To give you an idea of shipping here is the USPS postage calculator and these adapters we ship in large envelope.  We ship from the state of North Carolina in the Continental United States

Netgear WNA1100.  This adapter can be used for desktops as well as on notebooks.  With Netgears quality engineering and commitment to excellence this wireless adapter will last you a long time.

Price:  $40.00 USD

ASUS USB-N13.  When someone says ASUS the first thought to come to mind is quality and that does not change with this wireless adapter from ASUS.  With a blazing transfer speed of 270mb per second you can surf the web with ease.

Price: $30.00 USD

Belkin F5D8053.  This dongle comes with transfer speeds of 300mb Per Second and a 1,200 ft range.  It is a perfect complement to desktop systems as well as Laptops and netbooks

Price $80.00 USD

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