We are pleased to offer several Linux distributions as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8 for sale from our site.

Linux Distributions  

The following five distributions are available and ship on high quality SanDisk USB Flash drives that are 8 gb.  All software shipped 64 bit unless 32 bit is specified.

Price: $25.00 USD per Flash Drive

Ubuntu Linux:  We ship the most current release of Ubuntu this also includes its derivatives:  Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE) and Ubuntu GNOME (GNOME Shell).

Linux Mint:  We ship the latest release of Linux Mint Cinnamon edition and the KDE release.

OpenSUSE:  We ship the latest release of OpenSUSE available

Fedora:  We ship the latest release of Fedora available and its derivatives.  KDE, XFCE

Black Lab Linux:  We ship the latest release of Black Lab Linux

Black Lab Linux Project

Linux Distributions
Desktops for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora

Windows 7 & Windows 8

All copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8 are in shrink wrapped packaging and are brand new.

Windows 7 :  Home Premium and Professional Available

Price Home Premium:  $120.00 USD

Price Professional: $150.00 USD

Windows 8.1:  General Release and Professional Available

Price General Release:  $120.00 USD
Price Professional:  $230.00 USD

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Order Notes

Return Policy
These products are warrantied for 90 days against manufacturer defects.  Upon return they will be replaced with a new product.

You have a 14 day return policy for a full refund.  After 14 days product will be replaced only


You get 30 day e-mail installation support.  Any support agreements after the 30 days needs to be supplemented by monthly support subscription please contact us for pricing or read our Price List